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Kailash Yatra

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For the local or people from around Tibet could make the trip of 51km long (32 mile) in one day. But for visitor from outside Tibet will take 2 nights 3 days to complete. This three days plan enables you to enjoy the trek at relatively relaxed pace, with stopovers at Dri-Ra-Phuk and Zutul Phuk. South Asian Holidays follows 3 days route plan. Even better would be 3-4 or even 5 days itinerary which allow visitors to stop when and where they wish and to take a few side detours. The route around Mount Kailash takes you past a number of monasteries and beautiful sceneries along with the view of Holy Mount Kailash. You will also come across with prodigious sites connected with great saints and other figures of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism.  Ease travels operates exclusive private tours with 4 departure dates starting from May – August. We are also one of the companies introducing luxury tour package to Kailash tour. Having better transportation and team - it is most important for the group to cope with high altitude and everyday life in this most remote part of the world. We employ experience Sherpa crew from Nepal to support the visitors for better experience.